Some of the benefits are:-

Lowers fuel emissions
Cleaning and freeing of injector pintles
Cleaning and freeing of sticking pistons in fuel distributor
Emulsification of water/vapour in tank and system
Neutralization of harmful acids
Removal of tar and varnish deposits
Cleaning and lubrication of fuel pump
Neutralization of electrolytic action
Insulation of fuel system alloys
Catalytic convertor friendly


Specially designed to reduce carbon build up to maintain & improve engine life.

Peak Performance Fuel System Service is a complex blend of sophisticated multifunctional chemicals, designed to maintain today’s high-tech fuel management systems in an ‘as new’ condition.

Our product is formulated to work with the very latest fuels, and is designed to work through the whole fuel system. When used as a preventative maintenance it eliminates the need for expensive and time consuming line cleaning equipment.

Peak Performance Fuel System Service’s unique formula, although a strong concentrate, will act gradually so as not to shock the system. It is recommended as a preventative product. When added to the fuel tank during service intervals it will cure numerous problems associated with fuel decay and fouling by treating the fuel in a less diluted mix.

Peak Performance Fuel System Service can also be used to solve fuel supply problems, and can be used in conjunction with line & injection cleaning equipment.